One Day Turkey Seminars 2024


Location: Smiths Falls, ON.

Date: April 21st 2024 and 27th 2024

Cost: $265 + HST 

Want to learn 20 years of Turkey hunting/guiding experience in one day?

This full day event isn’t a sit-and-listen presentation! We encourage you to get your boots wet and hands dirty while physically engaging in what’s being taught.

We’ll spend a few hours indoors covering topics such as:

  • Turkey biology and habitat, 
  • scouting and hunting techniques, 
  • required gear and equipment, 
  • regulations and hunting ethics, 
  • firearms handling/safety, and 
  • field preparation of your harvest.

Then, we’ll move outside to physically practice setting up blinds, using decoys, calling techniques, and shotgun patterning (if desired).

Lunch is provided on-site, and the seminar runs from 9 AM to 5 PM.

SPECIAL: If an adult pays full price, they can bring a youth (16 and under) for half price. Just select the options labeled (1 Adult + 1 Youth).

Minimum 4 participants.

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