One Day Moose Hunting Seminars


Location: Lac Mer Bleue, QC

Date: Aug. 24th and 25th, 2024

Cost: $265 + HST

Moose hunting can be HARD! 

One of the most exciting big game animals to pursue and possibly one of the most underestimated by hunters. 

Many moose hunters don’t live in moose country so are not familiar with their habits, calls and general activities. Moose are animals living in areas with very little human contact so when 3 to 5 weeks come every year filling the forest with atv’s, campers and electronic calls at full volume, do you know where to go and what to do? 

The reality is most moose hunters travel to hunt moose. That means during one or possibly two weeks every year, hunters learn as much as they can to constantly improve their knowledge and increase their chances for success. 

Rob Argue, head guide and owner of Eastern Canadian Outfitters was new to moose hunting at one point too. He now guides between 3 and 5 weeks per year having several encounters with these majestic animals each season. 

This full day seminar will take you in the field at his lac Mer Bleue location of Eastern Canadian Outfitters located 1.5 hours north of Ottawa, Ontario. You will learn how to identify key moose habitats, practise moose hunting calls and other hunting strategies and techniques, review what clothing, gear and equipment is required and how to react to various conditions affecting moose movement and behaviour. 

These two seminars are scheduled only a few weeks before moose season opens so why not take a day to learn some key strategies guaranteed to increase your odds of success!

A BBQ lunch will be provided each day and the seminar will occur from 9am to 5pm. Minimum 4 participants.

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