Bear Camp


Location: ECO Mer Bleue, Cayamant, QC

Date: May 13th to 18th

Cost: $2000 + HST

Are you interested in not just going ON a bear hunt but learning truly HOW to bear hunt?

At our bear camps, we offer the opportunity for those wanting to learn more and do more, to have the guidance and instruction of head guide and lodge owner, Rob Argue teach them how and where to set up a bear bait from A to Z.

Each participant will set up their own bear bait and stand while working as a group and under the direction and guidance of Rob.

Participants will be taught: 

  • where and how to start a new bait site, 
  • proper stand placement and installation, 
  • what to use for bait, how much and when; 
  • hunting techniques for archery or firearm hunters including range practice time and other hunting techniques, 
  • establishing drop off and pick up routines (for yourself or if taking friends/clients), 
  • tracking, skinning and hide preparation for taxidermy, 
  • rules and regulations and 
  • review of safe hunting and firearm handling practices.

Pre-baited, established stands will be available for participants to hunt from each evening unless choosing to hunt from their newly established stand locations. (5 nights). Additionally, a motorboat and gas are provided for every 2 participants, allowing for morning fishing before the day’s classes begin at noon. Participants will then proceed to their stands by 4:30 PM each evening until dark.

Accommodations are provided at the newly constructed Outdoor Education Centre located at Eastern Canadian Outfitters – Mer Bleue, a 1.5-hour drive north of Ottawa/Gatineau. 

To ensure a hands-on and focused educational experience, camps are limited to groups of 4. Participants will share in the workload and learn collaboratively, fostering a real team-based learning environment. It’s a six-day / five-night educational bear hunting event requiring a minimum of 4 participants.

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