Elizabeth Plante-Poulin asked…

What are the best places and times to hunt turkey? And how long should I stay?

Wild turkeys can be found throughout most of southern, central and Eastern Ontario.

Where you should go will largely be based on where you are from. Some areas have less hunting pressure than others where landowner permission may be easier to obtain.

If you don’t have the time to secure your own properties, there are several quality outfitters who should be able to accommodate you.

I always recommend my clients book a 3-day trip. In Ontario you can harvest one bird per day so by booking 3 days, you are giving yourself one extra day to deal with bad weather or other circumstances.

My favourite time is always the first two weeks of the season. The birds are active, the mosquitos and blackflies haven’t come out yet and it is still nice and cool overnight and first thing in the morning.

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